Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Revisiting the Industrial Revolution

Lately I've become a little obsessed with industrial furniture and accessories. They are great items to throw into a vintage or modern mix. I love looking around a room and seeing one thing that doesn't quite belong, but still looks amazing in a space, like these kitchen stools:

Things like that will just have to wait until I have my dream house. But for now, I can certainly decorate with smaller accessories that remind me of the industrial age. Check out this galvanized wine bottle rack (I think it's from CB2)

Or vintage industrial lighting - the top two are from Anthropologie - they have some nice (and terribly expensive) vintage hanging light bulbs and beacons.

This is (supposed to be) a vintage dentists light. Love it!

Some other industrial accessories:

Salvaged bank safety deposit boxes found at Salvage Nation on Etsy

And, of course, Restoration Hardware has accessories

A vintage fan is sure to keep you cool and get you lots of compliments - this one was found over at

Or this Arc Boom table lamp I ordered from All Modern Lighting (OK, so I cheated with the genuine vintage part - but it was marked down to $52 from $330! with free shipping!)

And Urban Remains, a store in Chicago that sells antique artifacts, had lots more industrial-type accessories, like the ones below.

This metal storage cabinet would look great in an office

And I can picture this beauty sitting on my bathroom countertop:

Lastly, this cart would look great in a living room with some artwork or plants sitting on it and a cozy blanket draped over the side.

I'll have pictures of the lamp on my desk as soon as it gets here. I'm so impatient!


  1. Thanks so much for noticing my banker's safety deposit box. Your blog looks great and your ideas here are really unique. Great idea to start collecting now for that dream home !

  2. No problem! I ordered one! Number 2505, I think :) Thanks!