Thursday, February 11, 2010

Je suis French Eclectic.

I found the site Sproost on some adventures on the internet. Before I visited there, I had always described my decorating style as "vintage eclectic." But definitely not in the "shabby chic" kind of way (read: I abhor shabby chic almost as much as I abhor modern decorating). I like vintage things that have a story behind them. Or at least, things that seem like they would have a story behind them.

Anyway, if you go to you will be shown a series of 20 pictures and you will rate them. Then they will tell you what your decorating style is. My results were 80% French Eclectic and 20% Nantucket (think "nautical/the Hamptons").

Here is what I copied and pasted from the site - all pictures are from the site, too:

French Eclectic
Parlez-vous fran├žais? Even if the answer is no, you can confidently say your home does! French Country, like its name, somehow manages to both be formal and casual, classy and unassuming at the same time. You like your spaces to feel inviting from the moment you (or your guest) opens the front door and this feeling should continue even after you've entered your most formal room. Even though there are French antiques here and gold details there, the rustic elements provide a balance and warmth that seems to say, "come in, relax and stay a while." Your love of antiques leads you to flea markets, garage sales and hours of eBay hunting.

The materials and pieces you are drawn to play on the mix of formal and casual. Many of the pieces look like they were passed down from your great-great-aunt (even if they are brand new!) and you managed to upholster them in a way that made that piece both then and now. Much of the furniture is wood-framed and the wood is either left natural (hey there rustic!), painted white (hey there country!) or even gold (hello refinement!). And many times there is a strong mixture of all of these. If you find yourself leaning much more towards the "country" side of things and away from the Parisian side, drop the gold details and replace them with wrought iron.

When it comes to color, you are drawn to bright and airy options. Thoughts of the French countryside are key - warm colors such as yellows, reds and oranges hinting at fields of gold. But the nice thing about French Eclectic is you can just as easily go in the opposite direction: pale blues and greens hinting at acres of lavender fields and expansive blue skies.

Space Planning
When you think about laying out your French Eclectic room the key is to invite people in and encourage them to stay. So furniture should be grouped nicely to encourage intimate conversation and the main pieces should be comfortable in both look and feel. There should be plenty of places to set drinks, prop feet and lean back. And yet the functionality of these pieces doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't beautiful antiques or replicas.

I know I don't have many (any) followers yet, but I would love to know what everyone's style is.

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