Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tufts and stuff

I've been using the same bedroom furniture since I was about 12. I was so excited when I got my new bedroom set. It's whitewashed, farmhouse style from Cargo (are they still in business?). It's suited me fine, especially because, with my changing taste, it's easy to update the entire room by changing my comforter/curtains/adding a bed skirt/etc. The white goes with anything. But, I'm finding myself drawn to a more sophisticated, bold bedroom.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE upholstered beds. They're dramatic, girly (you could make it manly with leather upholstering) and glam. Lucky for me, they're also an easy DIY project. I gues the one part I don't love is that once you choose a fabric, it's pretty much permanent. Unless you want to reupholster every so often.

These bold colors will make your bed the main focus of the room.

And this one even has a matching footboard.


And, I've seen a lot of wingback headboards lately, which I also adore.

Too bad most of these headboard are in the $1000+ range. So I've decided to build my own wingback upholstered, tufted headboard. I will also build the bed frame and upholster it as well. I plan on it looking something like this, but with wings.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to start this because I'm currently building an apothecary media center (it looks awesome and I'll post about it when it's finished). But in the meantime I'll be keeping an eye out for fabric choices.

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